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The Best New Cooking App of 2014: Audio Chef Co.

Unlike other cooking apps, Audio Chef frees your hands and eyes to focus on making your meal. Once you gather your equipment and ingredients, just start the audio. No need for extra prep beforehand: Audio Chef will talk you through the whole process. Along the way, you’ll learn different shortcuts and new methods of cooking. Guided by a simple interface, gorgeous photos, and the narrations of Audio Chef creators Alexis Mullen and Ailyn Hoey, you’ll expand your technique as you expand your taste palette.”


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Audio Chef brings a fresh idea to meal prep

This is a clever idea and something different from the usual endless recipe apps that fills the app store.”
-Mel Martin (app reviewer)


148 Apps Audio Chef Co. Review

Audio Chef Co. keeps it simple but that’s its strength. Clear and easy to use, it’s sure to prove pretty handy for the budding chef who wants a good hands-free solution.”
-Jennifer Allen (app reviewer)


Hypi.st! Review

 Amateur and professional chefs alike will definitely find the Audio Chef Co. app useful as it helps them become more efficient in the kitchen every time they cook an exciting new meal. It also makes the act of cooking new recipes a more relaxing experience.”
-Hypi.st! (app reviewer)


And some more nice things people are saying:

Click ‘play’ and the fun starts. You’ll hear Alexis or Ailyn preparing the meal in real time while they talk you through the recipe step-by-step. You just follow along in your kitchen as if they were right there with you.”
-Lindsay Cobb (journalist)


Ever wish you had someone telling you how to make dinner as you did it? Friends Alexis Mullen and Ailyn Hoey are at your service.”
-Alice Levitt (food writer)


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