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August 4th, 2014 by Alexis Mullen

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Audio Chef is recorded in our home kitchens using a computer, unidirectional headset microphone, and the audio recording program Audacity.  It took a lot of trial and error to perfect the recordings.  This is because we wanted to keep it sounding real and authentic with background noises of cooking. But the background noises had to be quiet enough that they were not overpowering our voices. Because we are recording while actually preparing the meals ourselves, this proved quite challenging. We tried several different techniques before finding something that worked. Another complication is that we need to be able to move around the kitchen and have our hands free to cook with. We tried a wireless headset microphone, a microphone connected to our iPhones, and a handheld microphone secured in front of our cooking area.  None of these worked quite right.

At last we tried a unidirectional headset microphone with a long cord connected into our computers. The mic picks up our voice clearly, a little bit of the background noise can be heard, and we are free to move with the long cord. My husband Devin has a lot of home recording experience and he was able to tweak the audio in the end to create the desired result by filtering out any unwanted noise.

Compressing the audio was another whole learning process because some of our audio recordings can run up to an hour in length – that’s a lot of MB! So we compressed the audio into MP3’s and the files are stored with a data storing website called Parse until you click play and it downloads onto your phone.  This keeps the size of our app much smaller than it would be if all the audio files were included in the app. That’s our recording process in a nutshell.  We also do our own photographs.  More about that in another post.

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