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I have no formal culinary training, but my love of cooking started early.  As a child, it was great fun to help my mother in the kitchen.  She would do things like grease the pan and encourage me to do the harder steps of a recipe. When I was nine we lived in Victoria, TX for part of the year for my father’s work as a pipe organ builder. The public library there was the largest I had ever been in, every week we would go and check out a big box of books.  I was in heaven – able to read as many cookbooks as I wanted. Prior to that, my exposure had pretty much just been to Betty Crocker.


Eventually my mother went to work in the pipe organ shop as well, and offered to pay me $1 for every meal I cooked for the family. I loved this – the cooking and earning my own money. Thus began my passion for cooking.


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Recently I have been enjoying witnessing my 2 1/2 year old son’s interest in cooking. He insists on cracking open, scrambling and pouring his own egg in to the frying pan every morning. I hope he continues to enjoy cooking and derives pleasure from it as I do.


I still love getting ideas and inspiration from cookbooks, trying new foods, cooking with fresh local ingredients.  I really enjoy the timing and coordination of everything.  For me, my daily time in the kitchen is a creative grounding experience. My hope is that Audio Chef will contribute to a more enjoyable cooking experience by helping to make your time in the kitchen relaxing and efficient.


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